Has Had Paradise


my hand, open
drawn on a broken shore
the crack between words is palpable
out there, silence is God
memory, wind


a thought is unborn
un-blooms like a flower beneath my skin
it lacks color, vitality
a poem full of fictitious names 
of leaf and sprig in every 
	undiscoverable way

some people want to 
change the world, you know
others want to bury it
still others want to make it 
	somehow seem more real
read it, taste it, talk about it
the answer is more than a body


	i drown the metaphor
	i change the world
water dawns on the surface 
in the grove beneath my skin

as if this body has 
suddenly become more 
	flesh than feast
whose flowers are alive in the 
	palms of your hands

who’s danced barefoot, among oceans 
beneath strange cliffs and 
	the walls they carried
who’s loved and unloved 
	in rhythms of soft resilience
has had grace
has had a name
has had paradise

13 thoughts on “Has Had Paradise

  1. So beautiful…as always, I am rereading lines and sip on them slowly, intentionally like a glass of the finest tequila ( my favorite :)…I will be revisiting this piece often…it inspires me so…the last stanza is my favorite right now. I can see the woman in the sketch, so clearly, with soft resilience dancing, touched by grace, touched by paradise…alive out there and in the palm of our hands. Perfect.

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  2. Your poem makes me feel alive, your lines make me want to write. Not that I could ever craft lines like you, but I am inspired after reading this poem. I say this sincerely-I am saving this one and will enjoy reading it again.

    I do a type of dance that is done barefoot, so you can imagine how much I love this line~
    “who’s danced barefoot, among oceans” 💓

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      1. That style sounds very creative :)…I also enjoy many different dance forms. It’s difficult to pick my favorite :)…have a lovely day💜

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    1. Thank you, Michele. I’m delighted this poem inspires you so much!

      There is something magical (especially for women) about dancing, isn’t there? I can’t say I dance much, but I often feel my movements during yoga (especially when I’m lost in the moment or in the music) are very much akin to dancing (and barefoot, of course). 🙂

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