This Same Boat

This Same Boat
this same boat
speaking with no one
driven by
hooves of white air
outward, is 
one of nature's most 
intense images, takes the 
expression of a body
becomes movement
becomes wave
becomes a guileless 
flower of man

I am spending the week in Seabrook Island, SC and was inspired to write this short poem as I was sitting on the beach this afternoon, doodling in my notebook, and spotted a lonely boat.

10 responses to “This Same Boat”

  1. I love your personification of the boat. A beautiful and relaxing image, both your poem and seeing an actual boat. Most fun to be in one! I love S.C. 💓 Enjoy your time and thank you for taking the time to write and share. 😊

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    • Thanks, Michele! Sometimes it’s reward enough just to capture a moment in such beautiful scenery. I love it here, too, and although I don’t live far (Charlotte), I don’t get down here nearly enough. 🙂


  2. I hope you are enjoying Seabrook, Island :)…it looks beautiful, serene…and the poem captures the effortless beauty of nature sharing its power with man as he becomes a part of its landscape. Wonderful.

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