The Secret Origins of Stars

It is my hope that you’ll read this poem in many different ways: as a series of short poems, as one longer poem, or even out of order, if it suits you. I found as I was revising that many of these lines and stanzas seemed interchangeable. And I myself had a difficult time choosing an order in which to present them to you.


dust in my eyes
harvest in my bones
to write a poem, i must
begin with a poem:

meanwhile, the sun wrestles my 
	soul of leaves
i seek my own mystery on a forehead
	among foliage, living flesh, the finer 
instruments of understanding

the fog is present
a bird dives
my eyes are smothered by salt

these islands are revelations
	thick with juniper stars
already, they cover you


this whole country
pits the night against its shores
forgets the secret 
	origins of stars
(the world is scorched and 
	everyone believes it)

with head and body i know it
at this same naked hour
	i close my eyes
my hands seek the world


a quieter silence
a woman in her own vision 
is a symphony of experience
	a harmony within walls

i won’t run from it
my breasts are the scars of mountains
echoes of sandpiper stars
	barrel and beloved
ashes cover my senses like rain


of sea and wild song:
a fraction of inconsistency
the pen is the same; the words 
	slowly grow different

this mouth is transparent

i am breeze and i am home
where the dust settles 
miles away from
	my fulfillment

12 responses to “The Secret Origins of Stars”

  1. I appreciate that you suggested reading this many different ways. Doing so enhanced my reading experience, not that that is necessary with your writing style. I see several different scenes and stories that, if a movie, could be filmed and told from many different perspectives. I find those type of stories (and poems) most interesting.

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  2. I love this…and I love that you can read each verse almost separately and yet, they all flow so beautifully together to make a whole. Stanza three is lovely and I can see it along side the artwork that you included. An instrument of music between a woman’s thighs, shaping notes with her hands of experience and held in her scarred breast…harmony found with nature, her natural ally. Well done.

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  3. Depuis l’émergence des mouvements littéraires d’avant-garde et des théories critiques formalistes, il y a une tendance à considérer tout dans la réalité empirique et l’univers poeétique comme hautement structurés, comme l’est notre perception des deux. Mais contrairement aux textes modernistes, la poésie a actuellement tendance à rendre ces cadres structurels explicites, c’est pourquoi je penche vers la lecture normale de votre merveilleux poème, la lecture séquentielle du début à la fin. C’est pour mieux le savourer! 😉

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