The Gravity of Peaceful Endings

i’m tired of rethinking endings
of loose ground and cut bridges
Neverland, too 
if this is goodbye, then 
all the roses have legs anyway
the soft shoulders that
make ourselves strangers
of faces higher than stone
not homesick
just a moon, dozing on a dashboard
smiles, envisions unawareness
the gravity of wildflowers
bumblebees buzzing without 
moral consequence
but the rain in the air feels good
and that’s saying a lot

11 responses to “The Gravity of Peaceful Endings”

  1. Instantly transported to this scene~
    “just a moon, dozing on a dashboard”
    Driving in the night, the horizon in sight.

    Also love these lines~
    “bumblebees buzzing without
    moral consequence”
    For several minutes today, I stood watching the bees buzzing around our lemon tree, just watching them carry on with pollinating bursting lemon buds. 🐝 🍋

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  2. “all the roses have legs anyway”…so often they do. Left with the gravity of endings, some peaceful, some not…but each one buzzing in our memory while “the rain in the air feels good”…well done, my friend

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