To the Last Desperado under Heaven

everyone knows balloons die at night
and the weight of heaven 
	is a giant shoestring

so you might as well rest easy, friend
the sky is nothing but a state of mind
	and Jesus is heavy
underneath a cherry tree
the opiates of windmills and 
old fashioned love songs

is it any wonder? i tried to pray
on the winds of hyenas

in search of a breeze, i 
	found a boomerang
in search of a lobster, i 
	found the moon
(or a path to eternity—
whichever comes first)

and that’s alright, too.

whales don’t eat our dreams
when we’re not looking

and dead people don’t 
ask for directions

but the stars are still fragrant.

eternity’s still the flip-side of a coin
with a half-human look on her face

15 thoughts on “To the Last Desperado under Heaven

    1. Thank you so much. I’m starting to realize that returning to religion (which I spent time writing about at the end of last year) was definitely not the right path for me…which is OK. I find that writing this kind of poetry is helping me sort out my thoughts and feelings on the matter.


    1. Beautifully said, Louise, and thank you for commenting. I’m happy this post resonates. Sometimes we really need to listen to our inner urgings and accept when it’s time to move on.


  1. This is so gorgeous, your lines flooded me with emotions.
    Do you have or have you considered creating a compilation of your favorite poems for purchase?
    I have printed several of your poems, but I would love to have a collection I could turn to time and time again. Your poems have so many layers – they could be interpreted in many ways, depending on reader mindset and circumstance. Thank you, always, for sharing your talents. 💖

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    1. Thank you very much. 💙 The only compilation I’ve created so far is a chapbook called ‘Seven Road & Other Poems’ (in the right sidebar and on my blog’s Books page), which contains a series of narrative poems I wrote in 2018-2019. I don’t have anything more recent; although, the thought’s crossed my mind that it might be time for a second chapbook. I enjoy designing and hand-binding them myself. It makes the whole experience a lot more personal. And I will certainly let you know if/when I put the next one together. I am flattered that you asked. I hope you have a great weekend! 😊


  2. This is the first thing I read this morning and what a wonderul start to my day 🙂
    “the sky is nothing but a state of mind and Jesus is heavy underneath a cherry tree”…so much of life is our perspective and our state of mind…and Jesus heavy underneath a tree is what I will carry in my mind today. I read the Bible every morning and just recently I reread Jesus’ deep grief and the state of loneliness he felt with all the pain on the horizon of what was yet to come to pass…and somehow he found peace within…”in search of a breeze, i found a boomerang”…all thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams always seeming to come right back to our own soul…maybe answers aren’t found…but perhaps some peace…

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    1. Thank you. I’m delighted the imagery in this poem spoke to you. I think it’s true that the divine, in whichever way we conceive of it, is both within and without. I like that you mention Jesus’ grief in your comment because I think we sometimes forget the stories of the Bible both elucidate the divine and tell us a great deal about our own nature, or psyche. And we sometimes get so focused on the idea that God is outside that we forget our journey to the divine is primarily inward.

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