Undefined Lives of Trees

this is the best you’re expecting; a sky to 
enlarge the gloom, a spoon to tell you
the meadow is impossible; well, i’m here to tell you
to shine, to not shine, to make oars of our legs
is to violate the most sacred arrangements

to agitate the sands precisely when
there is no sand at all; and crippling to
the undefined lives of trees and
other creatures seeking wild fulfillment

where do flowers learn to sing? who put
sailors on the moon?

why is heaven next to a drive-in
on a picture of a dirt road?

i try to be profound, but my friend, your
beauty is more brutal than the question,
as if that isn’t enough

20 responses to “Undefined Lives of Trees”

  1. Lire un poème et croire que l’on comprend la vie du poète est un acte d’audace. Cependant, imaginer la vie du poète – votre vie – donne, d’une certaine manière, un pouvoir d’exprimer une opinion sur ce que signifiaient vos vers … Cette opinion, que vous pouvez deviner, est maintenant dans ma valise pour l’emmener avec moi de l’autre côté de l’océan. 🙂

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    • J’apprécie que vous apportiez mon poème à Cuba. Merci pour vos compliments. 🙂 I hope you read it after I changed “driven-in” to “drive-in”, which was (hopefully) an obvious typo.

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  2. So this piece really spoke to me…but I’m not really sure I can articulate how…the lines are weaving in and out and around me and I’m going to let it work its magic through me today..
    “I try to be profound, but my friend, your
    beauty is more brutal than the question,
    as if that isn’t enough” …. this closing stanza is speaking loudly to me…I’m gonna figure out why…so I guess I know how I’m spending my day today 🙂

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    • Well, I am flattered you’re spending some time reflecting on my poem…so I won’t tell you what the last lines mean to me. Thank you, as always, for being so supportive of my work. I look forward to hearing your interpretation of the “Undefined Lives of Trees”, and I wish you a great Monday!

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      • So your poem inspired me to write this…not only an interpretation…but something more…thank you, my friend, for being such an inspiration to me…

        “Do not tear your eyes from me
        I move for you

        my dance will break you

        but please
        do not look away

        I offer what I must
        &you, you must take this
        this which I give
        if you can bear it

        it will shatter you
        this we both know

        I, the gift
        you, the vessel

        and when another stumbles upon the place we once were
        the flowers will sing
        & wilt with all they are

        and the trees will wave gracefully
        in the air that still holds
        what once was

        in that place we weren’t supposed to be
        yet, the only place that could hold
        the brutal beauty
        the brutal ending

        the ground quakes…
        the vibration of us
        feeding life that remembers
        the heaven we were…

        if just for a moment
        -Janna Watson Smits

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      • How beautiful! Thank you. I love how sensual this poem is, and I love how you’ve transformed the original imagery in order to create something entirely new. You’ve made my day. 🙂💜

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      • I am so pleased you enjoyed the poem. 🙂 Your imagery so often inspires me…sometimes it takes me down the path of what you are desiring to express…and other times, I find myself with pencil in hand writing about what your creativity is manifesting in me…thank you, my friend. You are indeed a gifted artist…

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