Bonsai Love Letter

not everything profound moves; 
not everything peaceful is organic
this poem is really a
	form animal—a bonsai love letter 
or a jigsaw falling into place

(either way, a climax in both 
entity and arrangement)

what i think i’m after: an epic poem 
including history, an awareness of 
history (these things aren’t the same) 
seems desperate, has the 
	mark of a secret face
an orgiastic face: divine, ironic, waiting for 
melodramatic prose, mock fairytales 
	approximating death

	nudges us closer to 
one bizarre and free-floating atmosphere
beyond language, beyond 
	all bewildered mating, the hollow lives of 
street corner messiahs and scientific 
	star people (wears vegan shoes, 
battles rock and roll with a toothbrush) 

not all brainwashing is accidental; 
not all kindness kills in secret

remember that
when your own animality 
shows up like a rogue
at the front door

4 thoughts on “Bonsai Love Letter

  1. I really love the first and last stanza. Bold truth…words that make you think about things you’ve assumed in life. Our firm footing shook with the slightest revealing through nature or simply through another’s eyes…excellent, my friend.

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    1. Thank you. What a lovely and insightful interpretation. It is true, I think, that most of what we take at face value deserves to be challenged, particularly when it comes to our own nature. Thank you for commenting, and I hope you have a great Monday, friend. 🙂

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