The Invitation

The Invitation, paper collage, 2020

the crow, the shunted earth 
a detestable paradox, i’d say

a man, the shadow of a man
could have been anyone. i am troubled 
by his stillness, his lethargy of mind

a woman, face like an amber moon
begins to move & wonders
if she is a messenger or a fool

outside her window, the blue desert cries
harvest & black tide. she eats of the vine 
& dances with wild mechanical air

watch her arms full of silver
watch her hips & what they say of me
shifting greedily
amid meadows incalculable
stiffly opposing their arrival

I originally shared this collage in September 2020. (It was on the homepage for awhile, so some of you might remember it.) As I was sifting through artwork trying to frame a concept around this poem, I felt The Invitation was an appropriate fit. So I’m sharing it again.

8 responses to “The Invitation”

  1. I love the collage…so much there. And “i am troubled by his stillness, his lethargy of mind” is a line that lingers for me…who is he and can I wake him? And “a woman…wonders if she is a messenger or a fool” lingers for me as well. I trace the woman in the collage with my fingers hoping she will turn around… a messenger or a fool…both found in us all..

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    • Thank you, friend. Happy you like it. I don’t mess with visual art nearly as much as I write poetry, so when they end up complimenting each other I very much consider it a “happy accident.” 🙂


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