Coda, Or the Curious Octaves of Lily Pads

they say the hour of the elephant has ended

the curious octaves of lily pads 
are asleep on the beds of imaginary rivers

(mellow, green, with lofty perfumes of 
herbs and fresh candlelight)

i hope you’ve enjoyed this time between planets

the sacred meditations of snails
retro-emotional sunflowers
	…breathing in space
	breathing out bouquets of 
		tantric fireflies

to make the idea clearer, still:

it is a fact that birdsong
is the most universally-recognized
form of silence

and multiplied most effortlessly
these wild determinations

this apocalypse of 
strawberry tears

I’ve been thinking lately of publishing a new chapbook. I think it’s time. And I imagine, within the next few months (or sooner), I will probably do it. That said, I wrote this poem with a forthcoming chapbook in mind. I think I already know the title poem. And perhaps now, I’ve got something of an ending.

19 responses to “Coda, Or the Curious Octaves of Lily Pads”

  1. I felt myself sinking into your words. Truly relaxing and reflective and always original. 💖

    Your poem, which I cannot wait to see in a larger chapbook collection, reminded me of a lake in Vancouver, BC that was covered in Lily Pads. The sight took my breath away! So did your poem.

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      • Your reply reminded me… a picture of the lake I mentioned is on my website. When you have a minute to spare, check out my site, and scroll down the right side to “Places that inspire me” you will see Beaver Lake, Vancouver, BC. A magical place we stumbled upon. 🥰

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      • I will do that. I’ve not spent much time in Canada, but I’d love to do some trekking/exploring out west, in particular. Lake Louise is high on my list, and now you’ve got me curious about Beaver Lake. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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      • An enchanted lake for sure! I hope to go back someday. Lake Louise would be amazing! So many gorgeous places to explore. Thank you for writing your enchanting poem and reminding me of it. 🥰

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      • I did take a look through your photos, and they’re beautiful. What a wonderful trip that must have been! Thank you for sharing…and for all of your kind and supportive feedback on my poetry. 🙂

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      • Thank you so much for checking out those photos. Those files are probably due an update. It is my pleasure to read and comment on your poetry. I love your poetic creations! ✨

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  2. I love “it is a fact that birdsong is the most universally-recognized form of silence” This morning I woke to the loveliest of birdsongs and was almost lulled back to sleep by the following peaceful silence :)..And a Chapbook! I can’t wait! I still have your other one placed on my coffee table and reread it when I want to recall the perfect lines you penned in specific stanzas that inspire me so much 🙂

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    • Thank you so much! The stanza on birdsong is my favorite, too. I think you know I’ve gotten into birdwatching recently and am paying much closer attention to their songs. The dawn chorus, in particular, is very much like a joyful welcome to a new day. 🙂 And thank you for the kind words about my chapbook–past and forthcoming. I am happy you still refer back to ‘Seven Road.’ That poem means a great deal to me, and I’m happy to know it means something to you, as well, my friend.

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      • ‘Seven Road’ truly is dear to my heart, my friend. The timing of it in my life..the way the poem, the stories touched me were so real and’s such an amazing bond when you truly feel connected to another writer through their work. Like I said before, it has remained on my coffee table, at my fingertips when I want to read a favorite part or simply want to imagine myself in all the places you described and feel the characters come alive..I suppose I see myself in some of those characters…maybe I’ve traveled my own ‘Seven Road’ and imagine it merging with their stories…

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      • Well, you’ve made my morning with your comment. 😊 Thank you! ‘Seven Road’ is especially important to me because of how vivid the fantasy was as I was writing it. It felt somehow real, as if the man with the wild hair and technicolor bow tie was really there with me bestowing his wisdom, taking me on a journey through colorful and quirky landscapes. I am delighted you have a similar experience when you read the poem. It means a lot to me to hear that.

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  3. Salut, L. Je suis venu te dire: content d’apprendre que tu vas bien. Joyeux samedi. J’avais hâte de relire tes merveilleux poèmes…Ou bien, dans ton ornement éphémère, tu es porteur d’un sens éternel. Mais pour le dire d’une certaine manière, comme si les mots eux-mêmes n’avaient jamais pensé à être dans leur intimité. 🙂

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    • Bonjour J. Je me demandais pourquoi tu as quitté ton blog. Mais je sais que vous aimez garder un air de mystère … Bon samedi. Je suis heureux que vous ayez apprécié les poèmes. Je travaille actuellement sur des couvertures (collage) pour mon nouveau livre. Thank you for your generous commentary, as always.

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      • Cet air de mystère qui (selon vous) m’entoure, a été mon meilleur atout pour être nominé pour le prix du meilleur espion de l’année. Il devait me servir pour quelque chose de bien, non? 🕵️‍♀️

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      • Oui, j’ai entendu dire que vous avez battu Hercule Poirot cette année. Le plus incroyable. Vous êtes une énigme brillante, mon ami. Et tu es drôle. Je suis content que tu sois de retour. 🙂

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      • Merci beaucoup, L. Je suis moi aussi heureux d’être ici, de pouvoir vous relire et de ressentir votre sympathie. Vous êtes admirable.

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