The Curtain Waits for No One

The Curtain Waits for No One

The Curtain Waits for No One, paper collage, 2021

arms of summer
visible climate
	a momentary
release of freedom

everything we see is 
also its opposite
so what matters?
the kind of sex that dawns in 
unripened waters

i sleep to loosen my 
	eyes from reason
i gather the hummingbirds
i feed the vines
i am tempted by the lucid 
images of a fig tree

this room is out of fashion
a zen herb garden,
	sour paintings on the walls
i sink my arms in unfamiliar ground
the poem is a cage
the curtain waits for no one

4 responses to “The Curtain Waits for No One”

  1. I love the second stanza. An opposite to everything, the silence as well as the breaking of it with a song…sex in waters still full of possibility…yes, so good. Well done, my friend. And I love the collage. I could see myself dancing on a beach with a seashell to my ear, moving to what I hear 🙂

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