Woman with Hummingbird and Clock

Woman with Hummingbird and Clock, paper collage, 2021

to photograph 
the face of a woman who 
has no face, but a world buried
deep in an exclamation mark
as if to say, “this desire is my body” 
the native wall vanishes
a poem germinates 
from the grimace on her forehead
vertebrae of time

9 responses to “Woman with Hummingbird and Clock”

  1. “from the grimace on her forehead
    vertebrae of time”

    Such good writing…time crossing her forehead, allowing us to see beyond who she is and to what she herself “germinates” in a world so full of splendor and mystery…we are all a part of that mystery as we live and die within this “time”…slipping through fingers…wind…well done, my friend. As always, you inspire my own writing..

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    • You’re very kind, and I always enjoy reading your feedback (and your beautiful poetry, of course). I’m finding lately that time in nature is having the most beneficial effects not only on my creativity, but also on my thoughts about self and (or as) art.


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