Sentimental Lady

Sentimental Lady, mixed media collage, 2021

reinventing objects
is committed with 
the coldness of telephones

an egg-shaped intelligence 
that is neither necessary 
nor profound

much like scientific belief

a woman in a yellow dress
is a postcard in the rain
reads a book, smiles
stashes secrets in a 
red dirt mandolin

this menial suitcase
and its primitive contents 

4 thoughts on “Sentimental Lady

  1. I love the fourth paragraph. “a woman in a yellow dress” is such a lovely visual and can indeed be such beauty in the “rain” with a smile and secrets that keep you gazing…well done.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Generally speaking, I don’t think wisdom comes from the intellect but from a more primitive source, even a more holistic source…the kinds of secrets that hide behind the eyes. Thank you, as always, for the lovely interpretation.


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