Lost Without Words

Lost Without Words, paper collage, 2021


a palm tree
in absolute movement

a butterfly
and an infantry

racing through
suburban streets

become enormous
at the mention of
their entwined reality

this is and is not
a gesture of
sudden extravagance:

a seashell
and a monument

a dense underworld
of dandelions that
hurls itself through
the foot-holes of space

is an unblemished metaphor
for a life worth living

12 thoughts on “Lost Without Words

      1. I tried to reblog your beautiful poem ‘mantra Of A Butterfly’ though it posted as if myself, wrote the poem. I will try again at a later time,as I am not online very often anymore to post a poem. I do hope all is well with you and all those you know and love!

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      2. No problem, Myth. If it’s “Mantra for a Hummingbird” you’re after, I’m afraid I’ve removed that post, as the poem was included in my recent chapbook. If you have the text saved somewhere, you’re welcome to post it with credit. I hope you and yours are well, also, friend. Nice to see you here!


  1. I like this piece…and I love the butterfly and infantry and their “intwined reality”…our fates, our lives, our realities so much more intertwined than we can fathom. And I love the closing line “is an unblemished metaphor for a life worth living”..indeed it is..

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