Light Dreaming

Light Dreaming, paper collage, 2021

i mean 
in terms of syllables
this memory is an affliction

like a sky that isn’t 
brave enough to bloom

there is no ladybug, no 
misfit planet to walk in

only these consonants
which sprout up
in every waking direction
wings of the gods
	at their feet

Art prints for “Light Dreaming” are now available in my Etsy shop, along with several others. (I am in the process of transitioning all of my artwork there.) And don’t forget…my second chapbook, Has Had Paradise, will be live at the end of this week!

18 responses to “Light Dreaming”

  1. Do you have a bunch of cool vintage magazines at your disposal in which you’re finding your collage elements? I’m getting a 70’s vibe, anyway ( which is a good thing!). Anyway, I enjoy this poem, also! I like the imagery of ” consonants which sprout up in every direction”. Makes me want to stroll around a garden of letters and words.

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  2. Terrific collage! And I love “like a sky that isn’t brave enough to bloom”…sometimes we are all afraid to bloom…but when we do, it’s just like the collage…on a shore we may have already travelled but then we see with fresh it! Can’t wait for your chapbook!

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