This Body, That I Lack

this body, that i lack
perplexed, rejoicing
tender as a millimeter

explodes from streetlights
	heaves in a sea of 
wild umbrellas

	has a name? sure
graffiti, sex

a constellation of 
elephants tattooed on 
every forehead

like a poem
	in its pure state
stumbles, gropes, discovers 

battles on a staircase of desire
between footfalls,

My new chapbook, Has Had Paradise: A Poetry Collection, is now available on Etsy. Twenty of my best poems. Bound by hand to order.

4 responses to “This Body, That I Lack”

  1. “battles on a staircase of desire”…yes, this is such a good sentence…I have found myself on that staircase, sometimes traveling upward, sometimes downward…”groping & discovering within each tender millimeter”…battles often fought within the tenderness of brevity..

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