There are only diamonds.

There are only diamonds.

There are Only Diamonds, paper collage, 2021

I feel as if I’ve been neglecting the blog a bit lately. My apologies. The truth is, though, that I have been creating at a rather feverish pace. Responding to various open calls and other contests and exhibition opportunities for my artwork.

I have every intention of publishing a psychology/philosophy/wellness related post very soon (hopefully later this week. I am reading a terrific book about the Japanese art of shinrin-yoku and have many thoughts to share.), but as I have decided my artwork is the thing I must dedicate myself to and move forward with at the present time, that’s taking precedence over most other activities.

Isn’t it funny how things like this happen? I’ve spent the greater part of the last 3+ years publishing poetry here–and have much, much greater confidence in my abilities as poet and writer than as a visual artist–and yet, there is something inside of me that’s pulling me very determinedly toward collage (and painting). As if to say, this is the thing. This is what you should be doing. These are the capacities you need to develop and hone. This is the work you need to put out into the world in whatever way you can.

And so, with that, I will leave you with three more collages. (Note: Prints for these pieces are not currently available in my Etsy shop.) Click any image to view as a slideshow. I hope you enjoy them. Thank you, as always, for reading.

9 responses to “There are only diamonds.”

  1. So I absolutely adore, “There are Only Diamonds,” paper collage….the fan, her halo, the bright flowers like extentions to her own glorious hair falling to her bosom…the butterfly placed upon lips that will find, at perfect time, what they need to say… word diamonds falling all around..I’d love to purchase it if you ever have it available on Etsy 🙂 and I applaud and support your decision to explore as a visual artist 🙂

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