Wilderness Found

Wilderness Found
i have so many 
to love myself 
beneath the refuge of this 
spoon-less sky
this twisted armor of safety pins
this nucleus on a road-less 

a name that i 
cannot remember
an astros
the solitude of stray horses
drinking winding thoughts 
beneath a leg-less moon

this form-less
rhythm-less bicycle
this accidental 
field of hammers

(God shakes it out
these sinking
summer-less kisses
these silver, wren-less 

shirt-bearing silences
these primal arms, wet-less 
against the reaches of time and space
and you, full-throated as a dogwood)

this skeleton made of 
foot-less romance
these borrowed accordions
these engorged
flower-less eyelids 
but only for each other
the aroma of these photographs
that weep
but not for me

My new chapbook, Has Had Paradise: A Poetry Collection, is available on Etsy. Twenty of my best poems. Bound by hand to order.

9 responses to “Wilderness Found”

  1. “shirt-bearing silences”…three words strung perfectly together and placed perfectly within the parentheses of “God’s shaking out”…and the last three lines ignite reflection even with the ending of the poem..”the aroma of these photographs that weep but not for me”…I look at the accompanying picture and sense the weeping…not for me… but it touches deeply nonetheless.

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