Going Places and Other Art

Going Places, paper collage, 2021

I’ve been busy with my collage practice lately and have been experimenting with some new things. This is the latest collection that’s been added to my Etsy shop. I hope you enjoy. (Click any image to enlarge.)

L to R: Just Do What You Do, Life is Skin-Deep, Ecstasy, Spirits in the Material World, Enraptured With Solitude, Times are Changing, Hope Waits

11 responses to “Going Places and Other Art”

    • Thank you very much, Stuart! I find I am constantly learning just learning how versatile and full of possibility the world of collage can be. I am happy you enjoyed these. Take care!


  1. Imagination and freedom are captured in these marvellous new collages as a vital attitude on your part. Your extraordinary capacity for transmutation is evident, using the specific ingredients of surrealism as a tool for seeking personal freedom and a new vision of women. Congratulations on your new and impressive work.

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    • Thank you, J. My collage practice is one of the most enjoyable parts of my day. It’s interesting what you say here about art as a means to personal freedom. I was thinking about something similar yesterday. Perhaps a good topic for a new blog post. Thanks again for the comment!

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    • Thanks, Bob! I had the clipping of that guy (he’s the Marlboro man) set aside for months, and I couldn’t seem to figure out the right aesthetic for him until just the other day. I’m happy with the way that collage turned out, and I’m really glad you like it!

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  2. I love “Hope Waits”…the flower between her thighs, arms raised, heart pouring out a raw shape..and the woman sitting with head bowed..just waiting patiently for the chance to stand and be beautifully, gracefully, truthfully herself.

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