Evolution of a Smile

Evolution of a Smile
a question mark
among unfinished 

a conundrum
on flowerless knees

these ankles are 

these elbows 
announce themselves
with the urgency of clouds
on a horseless 

after all

it’s only rock ’n’ roll
a cheshire cat
and a moon playing
ping pong 
with your eyes

like two spoons
waiting their whole lives 
for harvest

I apologize for not having published over the past few weeks. Life’s been busy, and if I’m to be honest, I haven’t been feeling particularly creative. I do, however, have one piece of news that’s worth sharing: I saw The Rolling Stones live when they played in Charlotte last week…which has been the highlight. I also saw Lindsey Buckingham the week before, and if you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you know what a big fan I am of his. He was phenomenal, but The Stones–well, that was likely once in a lifetime.

Anyway. For the first time in awhile, I was delighted to wake up and find myself in a poetic mood this morning. This poem shares its title with–and was partially inspired by– a collage I created recently, but which I don’t feel is good aesthetic fit for this post. That said, I wanted to include it here, just in a less prominent way.

Evolution of a Smile, mixed media, 2021

I’ve been having fun with some cabinet cards I picked up at a local antique store, an old Grey’s Anatomy book, and a vintage field guide to birds of North America. I also picked up an old pocket guide to fish on the same trip, which is proving useful for a few works currently in progress.

If you enjoy my poetry, you can find my latest chapbook, Has Had Paradise, on Etsy. Twenty of my best poems. Bound by hand to order.

5 responses to “Evolution of a Smile”

  1. It was so wonderful to read your poem this morning 🙂 “a moon playing ping pong with your eyes” is such a lovely line…we humans being truly a reflection of all of the infinite vastness out there wishing always to commune with us. And “two spoons waiting their whole lives for harvest” is so so good…we, waiting for harvest, of a smile, of a moment, of grace…well done my friend..

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