You Make Me Real

You Make Me Real
Some are oblique
Some can only be seen in
	the lips and tongue.
	Movements of the eyes.
the angle of a mouth.
the two being
	as an internal body
as they traverse
connect with the same
	superficial atrophy

A few fun facts about this poem-collage combo: the text comes from a single page in Gray’s Anatomy (1974) about the medulla and was titled after The Doors’ song by the same name.

7 responses to “You Make Me Real”

  1. Very cool…science & art are so often separated in our world..I love when the two is indeed poetic and so beautiful when lines are blurred and a fresh view, that was always there, just needed to be discovered..well done.

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    • Thank you very much! You touch on a very important point, I think, when you note that arts and science are often unnecessarily separated…when, in fact, they are both reflections of the same phenomena and should work hand-in-hand. On another note, it was fun and a bit challenging to make something poetic out of an anatomical description…I am happy you enjoyed it! Take care, my friend!


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