Kiss Me, I’m Cosmos

Kiss Me, I’m Cosmos

I Only Have Eyes for You, mixed media, 2021

the sky is a thread 
the evening, birdless
finds my fingertips
convinces me 
of angels, dustbins

the catastrophe of walls
this sober, creatureless moon
revolving in a field
emptying the night 
of sphinxes, terrors

my body, moonlit
loose as a canon
no longer than 
a millimeter of salt
the length of an experiment
in living, loving
and violent as clockwork

despite the distance, or 
because of the distance

this mouth is no longer possible
the landscape vanishes
without closing its eyes

reassures me 
i’m collapsing quietly 
towards destiny

My latest chapbook, Has Had Paradise: A Poetry Collection, is available on Etsy. Twenty of my best poems. Bound by hand to order.

8 responses to “Kiss Me, I’m Cosmos”

  1. Excellent work. Really enjoy your art.
    I recently posted Asemic Tarot 53, and included some surrealist poetry. Very open to interpretation & absurdist prognostication. 😀
    Take care & keep posting. 🙂

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  2. I love the third stanza…such great description of humanity..the volatility, the blink we exist in…all collapsing toward our destiny…and to stardust we return (a phrase I actually have tattooed on my body :)…well done, as always 🙂

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