The most beautiful age is this one.

The most beautiful age is this one., mixed media, 2021

the woman of a moment ago
is absolute. finite as the oranges on 
this coffee table

she is a shape. extracted from the 
shapes i live in. both my eyes and my pendulum 

she is blank on all sides. her hair is full of scales, 
lawnmowers, stars. in the evening, she immerses herself 
in rainwater, drowns her breasts like giant archipelagos
(mine are not so giant)

they keep latitudes

she makes living look easy. loving 
like the back of a postcard

she says, the most beautiful age is always this one 

and i, not quite young, not quite calloused, not 
salty enough to speak with any real blood

close my eyes 
and write your name

The most beautiful age is this one. is another experiment with burnt paper ash. (I think I mentioned previously that I’m trying to expand the limits of what I can do with paper.) I’m reasonably happy with it; although, I have more experimenting to do. Regardless, there is something wonderfully cathartic about setting paper on fire, dipping your hands in the ashes, and then smearing with abandon.

5 responses to “The most beautiful age is this one.”

  1. The opening stanza is so perfect…such truth and you penned it effortlessly, like you’ve been there before with open heart and free mind… And “she makes living look easy. loving like the back of a postcard..she says, the most beautiful age is always this one”…I feel like this was meant for me to read’s my birthday 🙂 and I have often said to myself that there is no other age I would rather be than the one I am makes aging easier, a kind of grace to it, a kind of dance you do until the end is nigh and death no longer feels so daunting..but rather a peace, a wholeness that comes with the thought that the “most beautiful age always being the one you are.”
    And the collage is lovely…woman, age, smeared ash with bursting flower upon a page of blooming words…you nailed it 🙂

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    • Thank you, my friend! And a very happy birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful day. 😊 I, too, find that as I get older, it becomes increasingly important to me to age with grace and dignity. Not to work against myself by trying to maintain a false sense of youthfulness, but to embrace the age I am–as that age, whatever it is, will always be the most beautiful there is. I’m thinking of writing a prose post on the subject, actually, as I’ve been reflecting quite a bit lately on what it means for a woman to truly “grow into herself” as she matures, to become more expansive, more comfortable in her own skin, in her creativity, her vitality and her sexuality. Again, I thank you for the beautiful comment–and for purchasing a print. Your support and encouragement mean a great deal to me. Take care, and have a fantastic birthday! 🥳🎂


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