Laughter in the Dark

Laughter in the Dark

The Chaos of You, mixed media, 2021

everything at daybreak
is less heavy somehow

a crow in the yard at 7 a.m.
he’d might as well be an angel on the horn

a pair of scissors or an ordinary word
unsoiled by corruption

do you remember those days?
when we imagined there was more to life than 
chasing automobiles, eating strawberries in the park

the sight of me remembers you
the sight of you retained deep in a parable
on a plucked rosemary branch
under melancholy perfume

i feel like saying, your money can’t help you here
can’t tear down this naïve wallpaper, put bumpers 
in these dead end streets

instead, i am here
taping post-it notes inside a sock drawer
	“i love you”
	“find your way home,” etc.

and what would life be without these
magnanimous undertakings?

this voice, this archaic inner voice 
that speaks and doesn’t speak
that runs, that leaps, that bleeds
like salt from an old piano
like laughter in the dark

My latest chapbook, Has Had Paradise, is available on Etsy. A curated collection of 20 poems. Bound by hand to order.

(And yes, I’ve been busy gathering, painting, and glittering pine cones, acorns, and branches from the backyard for fall/winter decor. Crafting is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season.) Art prints, including The Chaos of You above, are also available in my Etsy shop.

To those of you who celebrate, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

7 responses to “Laughter in the Dark”

  1. “the sight of me remembers you”..this line really struck me..I’ve felt this deeply..its seems that our interactions with life so often leave their mark and are carried in a sacred remembrance..
    and the last stanza is exceptional..your words captured perfectly the inner gift of who we are..bleeding, speaking and not speaking like laughter in the dark…well done

    Liked by 1 person

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