Ceremonial Spaces and Other Nude Art

Ceremonial Spaces and Other Nude Art

Ceremonial Spaces, mixed media, 2021

All three of the collages featured in this post were assembled within the past week (I made Ceremonial Spaces and You’re a Dream this morning.). And I realized, as I was looking through them this afternoon, that they seemed to jive both aesthetically and conceptually with some of the poetry I’ve been writing lately. (As a side note, it shouldn’t be surprising to me when this kind of thing happens, but when it does, I find I am always surprised–even excited–as if it’s something of a “happy accident.”) So, I’ve revised both Today and Laughter in the Dark to include new artwork.

You’re a Dream, mixed media, 2021
The Chaos of You, mixed media, 2021

I also wanted to let you all know that I am having a Black Friday sale in my Etsy shop. 15% off everything (art prints and poetry) through December 1.

6 responses to “Ceremonial Spaces and Other Nude Art”

    • Thank you! And I agree. There is something almost magical about moving intuitively between creative projects–without planning or any real self-conscious interference–and then discovering afterward that they’ve taken on a life (and even a logic) of their own. 🙂


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