A Way with Words

A Way with Words

Woman No. 8, mixed media, 2021


the lamp is waiting

the chair, at this hour, 
is more cynical than usual

and why not? 

i close my eyes
and the moon shivers

i take a sip of wine
and the hemisphere is cold
even the crows have stopped 
	asking questions


i envision your body
full of parachutes
i envision your body 
	full of wild oceans
overflowing with palms, with giant
	laughing mandarins
among villages of stars
and their insect feet

i open my hands 
and i imagine your body
inhabited by the desert 
	that lives in my body
by the half-eaten vines, the pleasure bell
the zodiac that clenches its fists
around the sunflower 
	of infinity



i open my eyes
and realize i am capable of anything

the lamp is a love affair 
	with the intangible
a chair with mermaid feet

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I have become enamored with the process of working with nude models lately. So much so that I seem to have amassed something of a collection. (I have been averaging a collage a day for the past three or four weeks.) For housekeeping purposes, I’ve decided to organize them on a dedicated page, titled ‘Nude Collection’, located under the Collage tab above.

I have also created a separate section of my Etsy shop to make them easier to find.

4 responses to “A Way with Words”

  1. Your nude collage collection is really wonderful…and I love how it flows so beautifully with your writing. “and i imagine your body inhabited by the desert that lives in my body”..this line is penned beautifully…I reread it many times..and then I closed my eyes and realized “I am capable of anything” 🙂 and keep up with this beautiful artistic flow in both your collages and writing..the results are so inspiring…

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