The Dealer and Other Nude Art

The Dealer and Other Nude Art

The Dealer, mixed media, 2021

I’ve been creating at a hectic pace for the past few days and have several new collages to share with you. I also received some fresh source material in the mail this afternoon, including the Taschen volume, Feu d’Amour (Seductive Smoke), a collection of erotic photographs that examines the history of smoking and its impact on cultural attitudes toward women. It is a delightful book for anyone interested in the subject…or in playful, erotic photos from the early 20th century.

Anyway, here are the latest additions to the Nude Collection. I hope you enjoy them.

Woman No. 9, mixed media, 2021
Lovely as You Seem, mixed media, 2021
Woman No. 10, mixed media, 2021
To Catch You, mixed media, 2021
Woman No. 7, mixed media, 2021
Darling, You’re Much Too Pretty, mixed media, 2021

Prints for all of the artwork above are available in my Etsy shop.

To browse more artwork like this, view the Nude Collection.

11 responses to “The Dealer and Other Nude Art”

  1. Your magnificent and elaborate collection of nudes has made me remember the exhibition ‘A collage before collage’, which I visited at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. There it was the drawing ‘Man leaning against a wall’, to which Picasso glued, in 1899, an image of the French actress Angeline Cavelle. The reasons that led the young artist to paste a printed image next to one of his drawings before the official invention of the collage technique are unknown. Later, Picasso made ‘The painter Casagemas’ and ‘Picasso chasing two young women’, in which the artist pasted the drawing of the two girls; or ‘Female Nude’, in which he added a drawing of a nude woman on electric blue patent leather paper. In 1913 it culminated with ‘Head’, already considered a true collage on a cubist head.
    Happy Saturday, L.

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    • Thank you for sharing, J. I had to research ‘Man leaning against a wall’. Very interesting stuff. I enjoy reading about the beginnings of collage. Hannah Höch, for example, is an artist I return to again and again. Many thanks for helping me expand my knowledge of Picasso. Have a great weekend!

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  2. Creative, eclectic, beautiful…I see something new everytime I go back and look again at the art you have brought to life through these collages..I love Woman No. 9…I’ve always joked that I would have been a smoker if I had been born at a different time :)…so woman no. 9 is a little bit of a kindred spirit 🙂 well done, my friend.

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    • Thank you, my friend. I fell in love with Woman No. 9’s face the moment I saw her and knew I had to transform her somehow. Also, you might really enjoy ‘Feu d’Amour’. It’s a fairly small volume, and the quality of the images is very good: all playful, erotic and fun…and full of fashionable smoking. (As a side note, the sexy undertones of smoking–back when it was fashionable and sexy–always appealed to me, too. ☺️)

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