A Moment Apart

A Moment Apart

Woman No. 11, mixed media, 2021

the real woman is under water

and in the moment you grab my hips
i am assured of her destruction
swift, like a pine needle
to be, at once, a moment apart
to be a fast car
to be a bird at the wheel

hour after hour
turning our eyes to the tentacles
we initiate miracles with coffee pots,
abandon suitcases

we raise forks
we depart

untying our bodies
until silence is inevitable

Prints for Woman No. 11 (above) are available in my Etsy shop.

For more artwork like this, view the Nude Collection.

4 responses to “A Moment Apart”

  1. “the real woman is under water”..great opening line..and so true..sometimes it takes a lifetime to dive in and under and discover all the aspects of who we are, bringing them to the surface as we gasp for air…and “untying our bodies until silence is inevitable” is such a wonderful line..untying until the end when we are heard no more, departing this life as miracles…such a lovely beginning to my day :)..well done

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