Mourning Doves in Love

I hadn’t planned on posting today. But as I was outside this morning messing with my new camera, I came across an incredible sight: two mourning doves loving each other. The pair were perched in a tree at the far end of the yard and spent several minutes bonding: preening one another, cuddling, biting, and even kissing. They absolutely stole my heart, and I felt these images were too good not to share.

I hope you’re all enjoying the holidays (or at least making the best of them).

14 thoughts on “Mourning Doves in Love

    1. Thank you! I’m happy you like the photos. There’s a flock of about 12-20 doves that have been coming to the feeder everyday for months, and now that the trees are bare I can see them all lined up on the branches in that corner of the yard. They seem to hang out up there quite a bit. These two were precious this morning, and they do have a beautiful, soothing call.

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