My Feet Sail On Sweetheart Shadows

My Feet Sail On Sweetheart Shadows, paper collage, 2021


there is waiting 
and then there is waiting

the whales of enlightenment 
don’t happen by themselves

don’t blossom upward 
like an overcoat

don’t hitch a ride 
on blue jean sunsets


a poet is guilty 
of childish reasoning

a daffodil 
certain of its own destruction

a post-it note to the heart:
don’t un-dream
what you cannot change


my feet sail on sweetheart shadows
on the winds of desert pianos

at midnight, i walk the walls
wade in a sea of saffron umbrellas

you and me,
we’ll make love 
like atoms in the kitchen

i am a ballerina counting sheep

like the weather report

6 responses to “My Feet Sail On Sweetheart Shadows”

  1. So many good lines 🙂 I love “a post-it note to the heart: don’t un-dream what you cannot change”..a gentle reminder to hearts that long to change what’s already done, what’s already shaped who they are and who others are..and so let’s become a graceful “ballerina counting sheep”..unable to change what is..but able to change what yet will be.. with how we dance..well done, my friend.

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