Birds of Winter: Hawks and Jays

I’m not sure how many more “birds of winter” photos I’ll be able to share before transitioning to “birds of spring.” Temperatures here have begun reaching into the mid-60s and 70s (18-23 degrees C) on most days, and the daffodils are in full bloom. The birds have also become much more vocal as they establish their territories and prepare for breeding season. All of the photos in this post are of Red-shouldered Hawks and Blue Jays.

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I didn’t see much of our resident Blue Jays at the feeder this winter. They’ve only returned within the past month, and now they’ve resumed their regular visits, mostly for the peanut offerings. Indeed, I had a photo shoot with a very handsome Blue Jay (above) the other day that I felt was worth sharing here, in addition to some Red-shouldered Hawk photos.

They seem to have become more visible lately, as well. I not only see them in the backyard frequently, but also when I’m out cycling (one of my favorite activities for breaking out of winter hibernation). They’re typically either in pairs or solitary, and often being mobbed by a flock of rambunctious crows.

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  1. J’ai appris très tard à aimer les oiseaux. Je suis désolé, mais maintenant tout est réglé: on se comprend, ils ne se soucient pas de moi. Je les regarde et ils me laissent faire. Bien sûr pas comme Mme L., qui se comporte avec un amour remarquable devant eux. Même si parfois je me demande si elle les aime autant qu’elle aime la poésie. 🙂

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