The Rule of Touch

The Rule of Touch, mixed media collage, 2022

we are destroyed by 
what is possible 

the first rule:
	hands and only hands
are an eternal source of lightning

they’ll show you themselves

the line that traces your chin from one 
	button to another

one is naïve
one blossoms like a moth 
torn from a paintbrush
the second rule:
	the feet fall in love first

the insect is indefinite 
the lightbulb is always more 
fatal than it seems

the error:

the routine nakedness of a flower pot
	the psychology of a picture frame,
as though it had a right to be moved

the wall, as though it had a right 
	to be anywhere

The Rule of Touch II, paper collage, 2022

I hope it isn’t too much having two pieces of artwork in this post, but as I made both collages in the same sitting, and I felt it would somehow be wrong to omit the second one, I decided to include both.

Prints are available in my Etsy shop.

Also, I’d like to invite you to view my newly updated Collage gallery if interested. You may have noticed that I’ve recently given The Used Life a bit of an aesthetic makeover, and I changed the artwork on that page to reflect more of what I’m doing presently.

9 responses to “The Rule of Touch”

  1. Brilliant! 👏🏻 You know I could carry on about every stanza, but the first two lines knocked me over. Many thoughts… the first being how a longing or a desire (in all its varied forms) can hijack our thoughts – that being the least of its impact.

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    • Thank you so much, Michele! And I couldn’t agree more with your summation of the first two lines: a desire, when strong enough, can absolutely overtake us. And you’re right—often, even when we think we have it under control, it wreaks havoc in our lives in ways we don’t see. I’m happy you enjoyed this post. I very much enjoyed your latest post, as well. Gorgeous photographs. 😊

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  2. Odd that we are also destroyed by that which is impossible. I enjoyed this piece very much, words, thoughts, images, symbols – your choice of the story of Achan, no accident, I’m sure. Peace in our time.

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    • Thank you. I am delighted you enjoyed it. And you’re right, it is a human paradox that we are also destroyed by the impossible. I very much appreciate your comment.


  3. “we are destroyed by what is possible”..what a fantastic opening line. And so true, as we often fear the possibility that lies within. And “the psychology of a picture frame,
    as though it had a right to be moved
    the wall, as though it had a right to be anywhere” these lines..sitting with them today to connect and understand and feel..And the collages are great 🙂 I do really like the second one. Her green eye.. the backdrop, the German language (I used to be relatively fluent in the language 🙂 and “truth churned the floor”..truth definitely does that..makes the ground a bit shaky but ultimately, your feet find their footing and you’re ready to fall in love, create lightning with your hands and be moved by things that you once overlooked..well done

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    • Thank you very much, my friend. The second collage is my favorite of the two, also, which is why I couldn’t bear to leave it out (even though I don’t speak any German 😊). I love your interpretation of the lines “truth churned the floor”. It makes the ground shaky, but it also sets us free. I hope you have a great weekend!


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