Other People Make Plans

Plans, paper collage, 2022

other people make plans
other people linger on sidewalks
counting nickels, stomping dead fish

other people are telescopes
make countries out of windshield wipers
make self-portraits of empty clouds
worship astronauts from 100 years ago

the moon is flat, they say
and so is my grandfather’s grave
a landscape retained deep in the brain
a tree poised for poetry or for war

we should want what the world gives us
an orange bleeding on the vine
a sidewalk and a cotton shirt
chess pieces wandering 
haphazardly out of windows
asking the parking meter what time it is
stargazing for bigger things

Just a reminder that both The Beauty of Everyday Things and House of Cards (Id, Ego, Superego) were selected for inclusion in the juried show, “Human Nature,” at Colors of Humanity Art Gallery, which begins today. For those who may be interested, I am providing a link to the show below. There’s some great work.

Prints for all of the artwork in this post are available in my Etsy shop.

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