In Plain Sight

an ant
in plain sight

a molecule with or 
without limbs

refusing to live, refusing to die

a mouth 
midway between lovers

a kiss 
that makes the sun 
shine differently

a blade of grass in context
is a gutter of meaning

the first principle of enlightenment: 
capturing a dove
in unadulterated sunlight

the contents of self
impersonal as a suitcase 

the last warm myth
before sunrise 

Mourning Doves are among the most common North American birds. And theirs is very much a beauty that hides in plain sight. From a distance, they appear to be rather plain, or drab-looking birds, cloaked in various shades of brown, tan, and black. But in just the right sunlight, it’s easy to see how gorgeous they are: their feathers are flecked with gold and nuanced with shades of pink and blue, their eyes accented by a ring of turquoise, their coal-gray beaks outlined in pink at the corners. At this time of year, the sunlight hits my bird feeders just right in late afternoon. And thankfully, there are usually at least a few doves around who are willing to have their photographs taken and show off their gorgeous plumage.

9 responses to “In Plain Sight”

  1. The whole poem is wonderful! The stanza

    the first principle of enlightenment:
    capturing a dove
    in unadulterated sunlight

    is perfect. I have to admit, I just thought morning doves were rather plain, but I guess I will have better eyes for them going forward! Your pictures really bring out the beauty they have. Well done!!!

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  2. “a kiss
    that makes the sun
    shine differently”..great line. It seems to me that life provides an abundance of moments that “make the sun shine differently”..and the opening sketch is really something..I lingered over it for quite a while 🙂

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