Necessary People

Premonition, paper collage, 2022

the heart is an ideal
a solitaire of apron strings

the morning chorus
is a yellow jacket
without rain

a goldfish
a solipsism of staircases
finite, until proven otherwise

all the necessary people
ask themselves
if a radio without hands
is as surreal as a pocket knife

if the antidote to sunshine
isn’t more sunshine
in a pan

if their happiness
like the emptiness in their pockets
is real

12 responses to “Necessary People”

  1. Fantastic! I could write a paragraph about the title alone. 👏🏻 I immediately thought of the opposite (un) which sent my mind spinning in a few directions. Your creativity is a gift! Thank you.

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  2. For me, and for the many of us who have been touched by the beauty and intelligence of your artistic and poetic work, The Necessary People is further proof of your portentous intellectual capacity. Happy Wednesday, L.

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