If Not for the First Time

Woman No. 1, paper collage, 2021

a convulsion of dandelions 
the angle at which the sun
contemplates your face

the square root of matter
the crudeness of form

the bleak, unpleasant smells of traffic
or, perhaps, the absence of a butterfly
in a pair of frail, outstretched hands

the artist retreats
nothing ventures; nothing sails

10 responses to “If Not for the First Time”

  1. In the collage, the butterfly wing with the word who on it…love it! And the poem is fantastic, especially the first line…a convulsion of dandelions …that’s perfect!

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  2. “a pair of frail, outstretched hands”..
    sometimes we are all looking for something to fill the cup of inspiration.. love the collage’ 🙂 fins as wings..sometimes we need to submerge in the waters to find freedom and creativity.

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