If I Told You

the algorithm of a snail
the reservoir of apple-colored streets
that sleeps inside a poem
	this poem
that combs its hair on a diagonal of stars 
and reconstructs the imaginary language
of a blue dress, of a butterfly on the
small of my back, of your hands 
like a fatal half moon 
detached from all instruments
uprooting all climates
but the woman behind the eyes
the heart of figs
the indestructible hive of oaks

14 responses to “If I Told You”

  1. Wow! I love this entry! The artwork is so amazing (you know how I find women such a gorgeous subject for art 🙂 and the accompanying poem is really well done…”the woman behind the eyes the heart of figs the indestructible hive of oaks” I love these last few lines..tender as well as strong…how women can so perfectly be..

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  2. This is beautiful, L. I can always trust you when I’m looking for captivating poems and collages. What I would like is to find a new word to define your poetry, and I’ll try to find it later… I’m pretty busy right now trying to keep up with the hustle going on in the world. Ps- I’m so glad to know you are fine, after having overcome covid.

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    • Ok, J. Good luck out there, and thank you for the compliments on my work. Glad you enjoyed the poem. P.s.- It really wasn’t bad, but it did hinder my ability to be as productive as I’d wanted.

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      • Hello L. In my previous comment I promised to look for a new word that –in my opinion– could define your poetry. After two hours and a bottle of wine thinking about the matter, I’ve concluded that I must baptize your poetic work as ‘Neocreationist’… As you know, unlike other avant-garde aesthetics, such as surrealism or dadaism, ‘creationism’ (so called by the poets Vicente Huidobro and Pierre Reverdy around 1016) didn’t intend to annul the rationality in poetic production. It was an avant-garde that wanted to be theoretical (that is, a new artistic current) and political (with the purpose of transforming the world and in which the poet has the role of creating a full life of beauty for humanity). Both poets criticized the pure automatism of the surrealists, although they did not refuse the importance of the unconscious, but distrusted the methods that sought to highlight only some of the human faculties to the detriment of others. Why then relate your poetry to a new ‘creationist’ concept ..? Because I sincerely believe that you have always tried to defend the independence of the literary work with respect to any reference and install poetry as that creationist production par excellence. Your poetry, in this avant-garde trend that always emerges in you, is for me a totally independent lyrical totality, an art of the word superior to the context… C’est tout pour le moment. P.s. If you don’t agree with me, please don’t tell me. Let me believe my definition has been a bright and original spark. Happy weekend! 🙂

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      • Wow. You’ve surprised me with your thoughtful analysis of my work. And I have to say, I like the “Neocreationist” moniker. I think it probably does a good job of describing my attitude towards poetry, too–and not just my own–but the general belief that a poem should be an independent thing, or a world unto itself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, J. A happy weekend to you, as well!

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