It Wasn’t Poetry Then or Now

Text, paper collage, 2022

it wouldn’t be right to blame you:  
all thought engineers crisis

a lunchbox of anonymity
ordinary, in context
lethal, after rain

a field of wild horses
dissolves the intimate waters of reality
a symbol for what might have been
for what is, is in proportion to self, or
the absence of self

a signal in the sky, alive and dancing

either way.

love, like a palm tree, is longitudinal
an unnamed woman
walking out on the ocean
before her feathers even touched the ground

I made the collage, “Text,” this afternoon right after I finished working on “It Wasn’t Poetry Then or Now.” It probably took about 30 minutes to make from start to finish, and I am surprisingly happy with it. My goal with the collage was simply to play freely, to combine some random scraps and other spontaneously chosen images. It was quite fun.

Prints are available in my Etsy shop.

7 responses to “It Wasn’t Poetry Then or Now”

  1. This is a fantastic poem and collage’. I love when an image enhances a written word and doesn’t take away from it 🙂 well done..and I love the opening lines..such a great setup to the rest of the poem. And “field of horses dissolving intimate reality” good as we “love longitudinally” and become alive in this dance of figuring out who we are and how it will play out in this reality..seeing what we are made of as we “walk on water before our feathers have touched the ground.” Really good, my friend.

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