Edge, paper collage, 2022

a phone booth; a field of fireflies
what we choose to leave; what leaves us

writes, “to transcend the frail 
bonds of consciousness”

the proximity of remorse

the rancor of an unworn pair of shoes

I’m very much enjoying the process of making poetry and collage together. And it is, I think, worth noting that this method of composition is different for me. That is, while I often choose artwork to feature alongside my poetry in blog posts, they’re almost never created at the same time. The collages are not extensions of the poem. They simply have a shared sensibility or are, in some way, conceptually similar. Sometimes they are created within days of one another.

But, as was the case with It Wasn’t Poetry Then or Now, the artwork in this post is very much an extension of the poem. Indeed, I wrote “Edge” yesterday afternoon and made a collage immediately following, using mostly scraps and spontaneously chosen images. That collage was titled, “Emerging.”

Emerging, paper collage, 2022

This morning, I felt I still had a bit more to say, so I made the collage titled, “Edge.” I feel that one, perhaps, fits the poem better.

Regardless, I get the sense that I am creating a new collection of artwork, which is itself a form of organic poetry. And which might make great material for my next chapbook.

8 responses to “Edge”

  1. I love this poem and the accompanying “Edge” collage’..each line is so descriptive with power that is often only felt with short bursts of prose..so good..I can’t decide which line is my favorite 🙂 I love “what we choose to leave; what leaves us”..a thought to really internalize as this life is definitely both..and “the proximity of remorse” leaves me with awareness to live with intention, as much as I can, for remorse is just a breath away. Well done, my friend, and keep up the beautiful collage’ work!

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