Minimal Spaces (Big Worlds)

Horizon, paper collage, 2022

Lately, I’ve really been missing the surreal/pop art style collages I used to make. So, I spent time yesterday working on a few really fun compositions that I hope to share soon. I love working with strange objects, vibrant colors, and quirky landscapes, but it’s certainly not what I would describe as “soothing” or “relaxing,” as my collage practice often is.

To the contrary. After working with a lot of big, bold images, I often feel the need to retreat and inhabit more minimal–and decidedly more tranquil–spaces. ( I also find this same logic applies to my poetry.) So, after I finished working on yesterday’s big, bright, fun compositions, I decided to rebalance by making a handful of minimal landscapes.

This little collection, which I’ll add to periodically, as it’s a routine part of my collage practice, is very no-frills. It’s also very peaceful. I hope you enjoy.

Prints for all of the artwork above are available in my Etsy shop.

Also, I’ve reorganized my Collage page. It is now much tidier and, I think, more accurately represents my work, past and present. Feel free to visit, if you’re interested.

10 responses to “Minimal Spaces (Big Worlds)”

  1. I loved the swim, summer daze and lakeside the most. They are very peaceful. I could look at the swim for a long time while listening to Max Richter’s She Remembers, a minimalist piano piece.

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    • I look forward to listening to “She Remembers”. I very much love “On the Nature of Daylight”–a piece I could listen to over and over. I am happy you enjoyed these. “The Swim” takes me to a very peaceful place, as well. Thank you for commenting!

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