Strange Brew & Other Art

Strange Brew, paper collage, 2022

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been missing the surreal/pop art style collages I was making about a year ago. So, I started some new compositions in that style earlier this week. Strange Brew and Wanderlust are complete, and I have two (maybe three) in progress.

Strange Brew was originally named Strange Magic after the Electric Light Orchestra song, which played while I was working. But once I added the coffee cup, it became Strange Brew. Wanderlust is the result of a quest to utilize that fantastic tomato slice from a 1945 Life magazine.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy these. They were great fun to make.

Wanderlust, paper collage, 2022

All of the artwork in this post is available in my Etsy shop.

13 responses to “Strange Brew & Other Art”

  1. Strange Brew and Wanderlust remind me of music by MGMT. Different, psychedelic and full of creative magic. I especially like how you’ve incorporated the coffee cup and the tomato into the collages.

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  2. I love “Strange Brew”..I see myself in your collage’ 🙂 Smile on my face, dancing with yellow flowers in my hair, coffee a part of every day and eyes that look up to that big ole galaxy with awe and lovely.

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