Glitch & Other Art

Glitch, paper collage, 2022

Here’s a new batch of artwork that has a “glitchy” theme. When I sat down to my collage practice yesterday and today, I very much found myself in the mood to “mess things up” (in a fun way). I hope you enjoy these.

Broken Desert, paper collage, 2022

Treetops, paper collage, 2022

Summer Moon, paper collage, 2022

The Highway, paper collage, 2022

Prints for all of the artwork above, with the exception of Broken Desert, are available in my Etsy shop.

12 responses to “Glitch & Other Art”

  1. I have a glitchy comment box- text on top of text. 😀
    I do like the surreal quality of these compositions. Well done. (Finally can see a bit of my comment.)

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