Great Smoky Mountains & Other Art

Great Smoky Mountains, collage on vintage postcard, 2022

I’ve been so focused on my collage practice lately that I haven’t been writing very much. I’ve also, over the past few weeks, started a small business selling my artwork locally, which wasn’t something I’d really planned to do. It just kind of happened organically…but more about that in a future post.

In this post, I thought I’d share some vintage postcards I worked on over the weekend. They were so much fun, I plan to get more later this week. Of this batch, Great Smoky Mountains (above) is probably my favorite.

Holiday Inn, collage on vintage postcard, 2022

An observation: creativity is very much an all or nothing proposition for me. I am either creative, or I am not. If I am feeling creative, I tend to create at a furious pace. I often feel a great sense of heightened energy and attention, as if I’m a bit more alive than usual, or thinking with my whole brain. This past weekend, for example, I made 11 collages. I become so absorbed I can easily work from sun up until sun down and never stop making. I’m lucky I remember to eat.

This Must Be the Place, collage on vintage postcard, 2022

But, on days in which I am not creative, well, I’m simply not. I can’t make anything. Sometimes this period only lasts for a few days, and sometimes it’s more drawn out, lasting a week or longer. I’ve learned to enjoy this “down” period. (There was a time when I’d get frustrated that I couldn’t create everyday.) And I often use it to prepare for the next creative phase, in the way of gathering new materials, jotting down lines of poetry as they come to me, moving around scraps of paper or simply cutting up new images.

Untitled, collage on vintage postcard, 2022
The Highway Goes to Sea, collage on vintage postcard, 2022
Summer Is for Dreaming, collage on vintage postcard, 2022

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  1. “Great Smoky Mountains” is my favorite too! And I am also either creating at warp speed or not able to tap into my creativity at can be frustrating at times, but I’ve learned to see it as a “rest” that is often needed to reap the creativity to come. 🙂 I am currently working on a project with my sister that is requiring me to write daily which has been challenging but as with all challenges, there has been real growth..and that is truly a priceless reward, no matter the outcome of the art..

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