Where We Belong, paper collage, 2022

the clouds are gearing up
a hurricane or perhaps
a handkerchief

the light stutters, a blackjack of ladybugs
cross-legged in a field, i ask myself 
is there a war outside this bed?

i am afraid the gardens in these eyes 
are more existential than real
and even the bones in this poem are strangers

tell me, is this really what ships are made for?
answer: love is a consequence of action

stars begin in water
perhaps the spacekeepers 
have lost their way

Prints for the artwork above are available in my Etsy shop.

12 responses to “Spacekeepers”

  1. I like the opening stanza..a hurricane or a hankerchief..a wondering of what a thing is or is not. But finally an answer. Love is an action. A statement that is an anchor in a world (and in this poem) that we don’t always understand and struggle to figure out. Well done 🙂

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