Cactus Woman Flower & Other Art

Cactus Woman Flower, collage on vintage postcard, 2022

I dedicated some time yesterday to my collage practice. Of the three pieces I completed, Cactus Woman Flower is, by far, my favorite. The name is inspired by the Grateful Dead’s China Cat Sunflower. I often listen to the Dead while I work.

The background piece (with cactus) is a vintage postcard, courtesy of The Brass Grasshopper, with which I instantly fell in love and for which I have been trying to find a suitable home for the past several weeks. The woman was clipped from 1000 Nudes and, along with a series of scraps and random flower clippings, had been filed away some time ago for future use. The a-ha moments in which such images come together, seemingly effortlessly–though often after weeks and months of careful deliberation (and much trial and error)–are so rewarding.

I hope you enjoy these.

Birds of Paradise, collage on vintage postcard, 2022

Sky Driver, paper collage, 2022

I am considering moving my shop to another platform (possibly this website) and will not be adding any new listings to my Etsy shop until I’ve decided which direction to go. In the meantime, if you are interested in purchasing prints for any of my new artwork, please contact me.

My shop is still open for all other prints.

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