Life of Objects: A Collection

Life of Objects No. 1, paper collage, 2022

I was recently gifted a copy of the periodical, The Gentlewoman, from May 1903 (many thanks to Katie from The Brass Grasshopper). It is, by far, the oldest source material I’ve worked with to date. Indeed, the paper is so flimsy that I have to remind to breathe every time I make a cut.

That said, it’s a wonderful magazine with wonderful images–objects and heads, in particular–that I think deserve a second life. And so I’ve decided to use them for a study in the “life of objects” (following the surrealist presupposition that recombining everyday objects in unexpected ways can give us a glimpse into the unconscious).

I’ve completed the first five compositions in this series (1, 3, and 4 are my favorites) and expect there will be more to share soon. I hope you enjoy.

Life of Objects No. 2, paper collage, 2022
Life of Objects No. 3, paper collage, 2022
Life of Objects No. 4, paper collage, 2022
Life of Objects No. 5, paper collage, 2022

I also have some exciting news to share: Metamorphosis has been accepted into the juried exhibition, “DaVinci Selection,” which will be held in the cultural space of Anspach Shopping, Brussels from November 7 to 20, 2022, as well as online.

Metamorphosis, paper collage, 2022

In addition, Simplicity will be included in the forthcoming issue of Spotlight Magazine, an invitation-only fine arts publication from the Circle Arts Foundation. I will have more details regarding publication date, etc. in the coming weeks.

Simplicity, paper collage, 2022

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