The Truth Has No Name, paper collage, 2022

is a pencil
on a sheet of paper

an astronaut 
is a slip of the tongue

nothing that comes 
from this world 
has ever been

a horizon 
the nameless sensations 
of a cup of coffee
laughing now,
in my hands
unknowing as two bluebirds

this afternoon, my imagination 
builds saxophones
my feet 
plant stars 
in the ground

god is poetry; poetry vanishes
the violets are weeping 
under his feet

on this page
wisdom and its contradictions
are singing like an opera 
at the end of the world

and elegantly wasted

11 responses to “Unknowing”

  1. So beautiful! So many great lines, “nothing that comes / from this world / has ever been” “god is poetry; poetry vanishes” And the ending, the last two stanzas are wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

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