Fly Girl & Other Art

Fly Girl, paper collage, 2022

I haven’t done much in the way of collage-making over the past few weeks. On several occasions, I tried, but inspiration was at a minimum. An observation: At any given time, I can either see the possibility in everything or the possibility in nothing. That is, there are days when inspiration is effortless. I flip through my old National Geographic magazines, and on every other page, it seems, there is an image that elicits and, “Oh! What can I do with that?!” response. There’s a sense of possibility–possibility, everywhere–even in images I have looked at (or overlooked) dozens of times before. It’s as if I’m seeing them for the first time. On other days, those same images are, well, just images. The spark of possibility is noticeably absent.

Another observation: nothing ignites my creativity, or helps me rekindle a sense of possibility in my materials, like new materials. And I was fortunate to get a fresh batch of 1950-1980s National Geographics over the weekend…so I’m back at it. I hope you enjoy these.

One Thing Leads to Another, paper collage, 2022
The View, paper collage, 2022
The Walk, paper collage, 2022
Girls of Summer, paper collage, 2022
Joy Ride, paper collage, 2022

Also, I have some good news to share. First, issue 31 0f Spotlight Magazine, which features the collage, Simplicity, was published on October 14. You can browse digitally or order print copies on the Circle Foundation website.

Simplicity, paper collage, 2022

Second, I am excited to announce that three collages, If the Sky Was Made of Oranges, Self-Portrait with Machine, and Times Are Changing, will be included in the MADS Art Gallery exhibition, “Guardians of Dreams” from October 28-November 3. MADS is a digital mixed reality art gallery that has physical locations in Milan and Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, as well as online.

13 responses to “Fly Girl & Other Art”

  1. Artistic inspiration is a phenomenon full of unknowns. Plato already asked himself the famous question: is the artist born or is he/she made?, and assured that gods intervened in the inspiration of the artist, who invoked the muses in the creative process. In the same vein, John Locke pointed out that artistic inspiration is ideas associated with each other through a chain of events. That’s why artists like you are able to see the unity of perceptions and discern differences through fantasy and imagination. The fair reward for this ability is, for example, being able to exhibit in latitudes as far away as Milan and the Canary Islands… 🙂 Congratulations!

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    • Thank you, J. Your comment has got me thinking about the associations of memory, especially the unconscious associations, that influence our creativity. For example, I assume I am inspired by certain images because I somehow identify with them. There is a very complex chain of associations involved (of which I am unaware) that helps bring about those “aha” moments. That sense of possibility is perhaps a sensing of those deeper associations…although, still, there is surely much more to it than that. I find the role of novelty in creativity to be particularly fascinating, as well. Also, I will likely be participating in an exhibition at La Pedrera in Barcelona at the end of this year. Perhaps you can attend, if you’re there, and let me know how it is. 🙂

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      • Yes, there are surely many more psychic factors involved in the complex process of creativity, but in conclusión I can say that artistic inspiration is exogenous and endogenous, It is related to creativity, motivación and mood (emotional life), It is a psychological, social, cultural and above all is human creation….

        Ps. Por supuesto, si estoy en Barcelona a finales de año iré a La Pedrera (otra joya de Gaudí) para disfrutar de la obra que presentes en esa exposición. 🙂 Buenas noches, L.

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