Another Heart Breaks & Other Art

Another Heart Breaks, paper collage, 2022

As a general rule, I am not good at titling artwork. Poetry is easy: the title seems to happen organically (most of the time). But with regard to collage art…forget it. Unless a phrase or concept arrives in my mind while I’m creating–which almost never happens–I typically resort to one of several strategies for generating a title: I use simple descriptions, like “The Walk”, “The Climb” (below), or “Sunset” (also below). I pull from a word or phrase in my environment, like those on scraps or magazine clippings. Or, I pull from other aspects of my environment, like whatever music I’m listening to, a word or phrase from the TV, bits of conversation, etc.

With regard to the first collage here, Another Heart Breaks, I relied on the third strategy and titled it after the Electric Light Orchestra song by the same name. The song came on while I was working and seemed a good fit. (I highly recommend listening while scrolling through the rest of the artwork below.)

Please enjoy.

Sunset, paper collage, 2022

A Hawk is Forever, paper collage, 2022

A note: A Hawk is Forever is a teeny tiny (3 x 3 in.) collage made of cut paper scraps, except for the bird, which comes from a vintage field guide.

A Hawk is Forever next to a playing card

The hawk here is a Red-shouldered Hawk, which is common where I live and which I am fortunate to be able to photograph regularly.

Sailing, paper collage, 2022
The Climb, paper collage, 2022
Behind the Wheel, paper collage, 2022
Seascape, paper collage, 2022

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