What Then?

Contemplation, paper collage, 2022


we are sudden
between birds
like spoons in 
stormy weather


the comings-and-goings-of coffee cups
the caricature of a violent, bohemian spring
a love that is not love, a yellow t-shirt 
that is and, at once, refuses to be
the stars wrinkle, elbows defy meaning
suppose, for a moment, that a question mark 
is just a question mark
what then?


space is not nothing
a bicycle
is tea for two

a smile 
is also not nothing
but, like a simple kiss,
is never simple

a superego of daffodils
more imaginary than real

also, a meteor
on the dashboard 
of knowing

6 responses to “What Then?”

  1. “a smile is also not nothing but, like a simple kiss, is never simple”..this stanza pressed itself upon me. The simple often delivering a complex message..and often the inverse is true as well..the complex delivering a simple understanding…I see this in your poetry and collages’..layer upon on layer..complexity revealing a simple truth. Well done, my friend.

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