Cosmic & Other Art

Cosmic, paper collage, 2022

I was listening to an 80s playlist as I scanned this batch of artwork. When Billy Idol’s Eyes Without a Face started playing, it heightened the mood of these collages for me, so I thought I’d include it in this post. I recommend listening to the song as you scroll through the artwork, beginning with Cosmic, above.

Daydreamer, paper collage, 2022
Wild and Free, paper collage, 2022
Destination Unknown, paper collage, 2022
In Times of Uncertainty, paper collage, 2022
Blip, paper collage, 2022
Yours and Mine, paper collage, 2022
Run, paper collage, 2022

I also have some good news: The Bright Side, Elixir, and The Truth Is Silent, But Beautiful will be included in the “Adrenochromo” exhibition at MADS Art Gallery from November 28-December 4. MADS is a digital mixed reality art gallery that has physical locations in Milan and Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, as well as online. I will post links once the show is live for anyone who’s interested.

Also (I probably don’t mention this enough), but select art prints are available in my shop.

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